Sunday, 21 October 2007

Tension Build-Up

Today I worked some more on Chapter 10, in which my hero Thomas at last leaves London and begins his new career with a travelling fair. Such a difficult chapter, because I've been busily building the tension towards this moment and now I'm so scared that it won't match up! So, I wrote a sentence today and tomorrow, if I feel ok after auntie's funeral, I'll write another. It's the only to way to build up to a novel, as far as I know.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Death in the Family

A beloved auntie died this weekend, nine years to the day when we lost my uncle. Woke up feeling ragged and with a thick head, and wondered whether I'd be able to write at all. In cases of very devastating bereavement, people do say they can't write. I found that the day needed care, and to some extent I was 'going through the motions.' I took a trip to the Museum of London, a place that has inspired a lot of my writing in the past. The inspiration wasn't there today, at first, but I wandered around the galleries, just allowing myself to 'be,' and not require myself to 'do.' They were playing a 17th century folksong in the museum, which mentioned Charing Cross. This was quite serendipitous, because Charing Cross features heavily in my current chapter. Last week I researched and discovered that the current cross is a replacement for the original Queen Eleanor Cross, erected in the mid-19th century. I'd been all through my manuscript changing every incidence of 'Charing Cross' to 'Queen Eleanor Cross,' and when I got home I changed them all back.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Finchley Common

Well, today my reseach took me on the hunt for Finchley Common, former haunt of Dick Turpin. I need it for the next chapter in my book - Chapter 10. I've been writing like a maniac these last few weeks, and now my hero has left his home in Bethnal Green for a dubious life with a travelling fair. The paragraph I wrote describes the moment when Thomas's family meet Cinnamon Rose, an Indian elephant and the darling of Zackariah Scarrott's Travelling Fair.