Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Totteridge & Whetstone Effect

 So it's Day 1 of 90-day Creativity Course and I'm up an hour early, terrible rush. Have to commit an hour a day to the exercises, if possible before the rest of the day starts. Feel rather scared but know I'll calm down later. Terrible crush on London underground - a great crowd of us 'held on the concourse' of the Northern Line.

A Great Crowd of Us on the Underground

The Northern Line's one of the oldest on the London underground, so old that to my Nana's generation it was a euphemism for a certain (actually rather uncertain) method of contraception.  Many a north London gal recalls the elderly auntie's warning, back in the day, 'Be sure that boy gets out at Totteridge, (the penultimate station) not High Barnet (the last one on the line).'

The Elderly Auntie's Warning
Having left an hour early, arrive 15 seconds late at court, where I have business. Deep sigh. Get down to jotting over lunch. Awkward, as the barrister I'm working with keeps looking, but all danger of the Totteridge & Whetstone effect averted. Phew. High five!

High Five!

What we play is life ~ Louis Armstrong

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